Tuesday Takeaway – Argentinos v Racing

By: Elliott | October 19th, 2010

Well, we lost. We lost 2:1. Here are the video highlights:

This was a classic game of two halves – the first half Argentinos was Dr. Jekyll. We looked organized at the back, defended with cohesion and grit, closed down space well, and got numbers behind the ball. The goal was a serious purple patch – Racing’s keeper should have caught the ball, the rebound luckily bounced off the post, etc. etc. Still, to be 1-0 up at the half, at Racing, was a major accomplishment.

And the second half? Well, Argentinos turned into Mr. Hyde.

The first Racing goal came from a dangerous setpiece. I can’t criticize the goalie or the wall too much – the shot was inch perfect. However, if you look a little upstream, you realize the old parable – dangerous fouls lead to dangerous free kicks. Conceding a restart so close to goal is never a good idea.

The second Racing goal was a beautiful play – the pantalla or cortina (dummy) at the top of the box fooled everyone. However, where was the right back? Also, why didn’t the center back play the ball, not the man? And, of course, the Racing midfield had too much space and time on the ball to zip in such a lovely and precise pass.

Still, I see plenty of positives – the game was by no means a blow-out. However, this is the fourth time this season that Argentinos has blown a lead. The team needs to strike a balance between absorbing pressure and pushing numbers forward on counters – at this level no team can defend a one goal lead for forty five straight minutes.

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