Wednesday Wind down – Juniors beat All Boys

By: Elliott | October 26th, 2010

Ahh, the sweet taste of victory. So supple. So filling. So delicious. Argentinos Jrs beat All Boys boy the lsimmest of margins – 1:0. However, the lack of a goalscoring fiesta should not overshadow a cleansheet. Here are the video highlights:

A diagonal slide-rule pass. A perfectly timed run. A cruzado far post finish. What’s not to love?

Well, the win has given breathing room to Troglio, the current manager who currently had spoken about resigning. The weight of winning last season’s tournament seems to be crushing his shoulders, when the reality is that the team overachieved. By a boatload. Fans should keep in mind that a top four finish is an anomaly, a top six finish awesome, and a top half finish respectable.

The Club President made the right call by refusing to accept Troglio’s resignation: despite the ups and downs this year, the defensive organization has been consistent. And the next game, away to Boca Jrs, poses a perplexing dilemma: on the one hand, Boca is a wounded giant and having a bad season. On the other, they are still Boca. Should we expect a win? Probably not. But I wouldn’t rule it out either…..

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